We are a firm of private investigators that is licensed in many states across the whole country.

We specialize in �heir finding�-which is locating the owners of �escheated� property and helping them recover it. In many jurisdictions this involves obtaining special licensing in addition to the PI license.

With some ten years of experience in this field the key members of our team are able to bring success to their heir finding endeavors. We are located at 3801 Pegasus Drive, Suite 101, Bakersfield, CA 93308.


  • CA Bureau of Security and Investigations - Paul Hashim Investigation #25665
  • FL Department of Agriculture and Consumers Services PI Agency Number A1200162
  • NC Private Protective Services License - Aaron Hashim #4140
  • OH Department of Commerce - Registered Finder - Paul Hashim Certificate #173-2017
  • TX Department of Public Safety - Paul Hashim #A13984
  • PA Registered Property Finder - Paul Hashim #0980131-0315
  • TN Department of Commerce and Insurance - Aaron Hashim PI #8081
  • OR Department of Public Safety - Aaron Hashim PI #46513
  • IN Private Security Board - #PI21600026