About Us

Finding Funds You Never Knew You Had

There are hundreds of millions of dollars (maybe billions) in third party trust accounts all over America. The money belongs to millions of hard-working Americans who have been accidentally separated from it. People just like you.

They don�t know the money exists. They don�t know they�re entitled to it. It ended up in these accounts for a variety of reasons. Chances are the people that owed it to you�maybe a utility company, for instance�didn�t have your current address. Maybe you were named in someone�s will twenty years ago, and the executors didn�t know how to get hold of you.

By law they had no choice other than to place the money in a local or state government account where it has been held in trust for you.

That�s where we come in.

Licensed Private Investigators

We are a firm of licensed private investigators that specializes in uncovering these funds and reuniting them with the rightful owners. People just like you.

We work throughout the United States and over the past ten years has helped more than 300,000 customers recover their missing money.

We can help you next.